Law & Business: Towards a Shift in the Legal Paradigm of the Future

The solution to the problems facing a nation does not lie in simply enacting more legislation or establishing new agencies. It is important to implement existing laws and for governmental organizations to approach their duties with dedication, accountability and an attitude of optimal service. Thus it was observed that: …we need not simply more entities with oversight […]

Reflections on Labour and the Dignity of the Human Person

I would like to wish all readers a Happy Workers’ Day! It presents an opportunity to introspect with me on the subject of ‘Reflections on Labour and the Dignity of the Human Person’ May day must be distinguished from “May Day – May Day!” which is a distress call. May Day commemoration reminds us of the […]

Plant Earth – In Trust We Hold

One of the greatest challenges of our time has been how to effectively manage, protect and develop our natural resources in ways that create value for the society – value in the sense of optimum utilization of air, land, water and other natural resources. Improving the quality of the individual members of the society entails […]

Equality at the Workplace – A Desirable Concept

The Notion of Equality The Statue of Equality at Paris is somewhat an allegory of equality. Equality before the law, also known as legal equality, is the principle under which all people are subject to the same laws of justice (due process). All are equal before the law. The concept of equality is critical to understanding the possibilities […]

Reflections on Ethics in Business Dealings

Business ethics, an aspect of applied ethics, focuses on applying ethical theories of right or wrong, to real-life situations on such questions as how people should act in a company in order for it to be successful and provide fulfillment to all its stakeholders. In examining the recurring question of the impact of behaviour on […]